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If you are new to this, you are not alone. If not sure what Insurance to get,  read below, then, come back up and select.

GENERAL LIABILITY: protects your business from the costs of claims for:

-Injuries to a customer, vendor, or someone else. 

-Damage to someone else's property.

-Personal Injury such as making false statements about someone.

-Advertising Injury such as stolen Ideas and copyright infringement.

WORKERS COMPENSATION: Financial help due to injuries or illnesses that happened on the job.

BUSINESS OWNERS POLICY (BOP):  This is a "bundle" or a policy containing a variety of insurance products. Usually, it covers property, business interruption, and liability.

PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY: This is the type of insurance that will cover you in case of negligence or malpractice.  It is popular among people who offer Technical services, Legal services, Medical services, and other specific services provided.  If you are the technician or a professional conducting the service offered, you may want to cover yourself this way as well. 

COMMERCIAL AUTO: this is the insurance that goes beyond the coverage of personal auto-insurance. It is specifically written for the vehicles used for business purposes such as company cars, trucks, etc.

CYBER LIABILITY: Our specialty! This is the insurance that will cover the costs due to a data breach, phishing, hacking, and other possible costs related to the cyber incident. 

Now, you are ready to get a quote for one or more types of Insurance.

If you still have questions, please, contact Cyber1 Insurance today.